I came up with the idea of the token of inspiration as a way of counting the good people do in the world.

Most people and companies use money as the primary measurement of
how well they are doing. Salaries, revenues, profits, share price and all
the other ways we can think to slice and dice it. A perfectly legitimate
measurement of products sold or services rendered, money is not good for
measuring value. Just because something or someone makes lots of money
does not mean they offer a lot of value.

So I created a new currency. One specifically designed to measure value. More
specifically, to measure inspiration.

You can pay a coin to those who tell you you've inspired them.

You can pay a coin to say thank you to those who inspire you.

If we all do this, we can measure all the inspiration we are spreading in the world... and that's pretty cool.

I hope you will spend as much as you can, it will only
help the world be a more optimistic, more inspired place.

Simon Sinek